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Xerox Corporation, as the pioneer in the art of benchmarking, demonstrated substantially improved results in applying benchmarking concepts. These results included:

Ten-fold improvement in overall product quality
Reduced critical supplier base ten-fold
Thirteen-fold improvement in production line quality
Reduced to 5% inspection of incoming materials

Building on my extensive experience in using the 10-step Xerox benchmarking approach, I have developed a simpler, more practical Balanced Benchmarking application which incorporates traditional benchmarking with self-assessment and knowledge management skills. This approach considers several critical success factors:

What do we benchmark?
What are our practices?
From whom can we learn?
What practices can be adapted?
How do we collect data and analyze our findings?
How do we share the acquired knowledge?
What Can I Offer?

As the knowledge resource in assisting organizations implement and apply Balanced Benchmarking techniques, several optional services are offered:

Facilitating concept discussions with your leadership team
Formation of benchmarking competency teams
Training of internal benchmarking facilitators
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