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What can be better than using the Baldrige Framework as the basis for assessing organizational effectiveness? The Baldrige criteria is known and respected worldwide. The Baldrige criteria is not a closely guarded secret. It is FREE and you are encouraged to visit the outstanding web site of the Baldrige Program Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce at for complete details of the criteria.

Having been personally involved in the Baldrige process as a Baldrige Senior Examiner, being a part of a Baldrige Award winner (Xerox Business Products and Services 1989 and Xerox Business Services 1997), as well as assisting other companies apply for Baldrige, I know first hand the enormous power of Baldrige in driving results.

If you reference the Contact web page, you may find that my skills are able to assist your organization in completing a full Baldrige assessment. This includes the interpretation of criteria, an in-depth self-assessment of your organization, a professional site visit and rigorous feedback.

I also recognize that using the intense Baldrige approach is not for every organization. That is why I created The Baldrige AlternativeTM: A simplified version of Baldrige, custom-designed to your organization. This system uses the proven Self-Assessment Storyboard and Vital Few Selection approach. What are some of the advantages to using The Baldrige AlternativeTM?

Unlike Baldrige, this approach is prescriptive, using the language of your organization. This is particularly relevant for global organizations.

Your organization does not have to fit the Baldrige framework. With my assistance, you create your personalized framework, using Baldrige as a guide. The number of categories and guides are as simple as you wish to make them---with maximum flexibility for change at your convenience.

FREE Self-Assessment Tool

Many products -- generally questionnaires -- are available that will assist you in conducting a simple self-assessment of your organization. These questionnaires allow you to take the temperature of the organization. If the questionnaire results indicate potential problems, where do you go for help? That is why I have chosen to provide a FREE questionnaire to help you assess the state of your organization's health. It's simple, and will provide enough information to enable you to take the first basic step towards effective self-assessment.

Take the Test!

How would you assess your organization in it's ability to answer the fundamental question, "How are we doing?" ---as it relates to delivering results and applying consistent and innovative practices?

To answer this question, I invite you to complete a FREE ELECTRONIC SELF ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE, provided by the Baldrige National Quality Program. Even if you can honestly appraise yourself as "world class", you may find the need to progress through the self-assessment continuum and use techniques which can be a substantial challenge for your organization. Go ahead---take the test, and I hope I can be of assistance to you in your quest for substantially improved results!

Based on your responses to the questionnaire, would you consider your organization world class? Congratulations! If not, please contact me for a no obligation discussion of how The The Baldrige AlternativeTM can help your organization deliver improved results.


What Can I Offer?

As the knowledge resource in assisting organizations implement and apply The Baldrige AlternativeTM method, several optional services are offered:

Facilitating concept discussions with your leadership team
Formation of competency teams
Identification of self-assessment launch specifications
Training of internal examiners
Site Visit planning
Custom-designed and fully documented operating manual

What is the next step?

Taking the first step on the journey to achieve organizational excellence is the most difficult. Whether you are taking the initial steps in beginning that journey, or wish to take your improvement efforts to the next level, please contact me for a candid discussion of how your needs might be met.

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