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Is Knowledge Management another fad, soon to pass into the annals of process improvement history? It’s a phrase often talked about but greatly misunderstood. Knowledge Management is appropriately defined by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) as “…systematic activities for creation and sharing of knowledge so that knowledge can be used for the success of the organization…” My approach to the concept is one of utility and simplicity. I have worked with some of the best organizations applying the skills in a unique knowledge sharing environment. I can share this learning with your organization. The concept does not have to be a fad; it can bring the power of knowledge to your people, which translates into real and measurable results!

What Can I Offer?

As the knowledge resource in assisting organizations implement and apply Knowledge Management principles, several optional services are offered:

Positioning of knowledge as a critical step in applying the Balanced Benchmarking approach
Assisting in the creation and use of Internet/Intranet tools to facilitate the exchange of knowledge
Identification and implementation of new techniques to transition from team-based improvements to community-based efforts. This can be the future of teams in YOUR organization!
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